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Moodle and connected services are provided by Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS) to facilitate and support the learning process. The use of these services is a privilege, not a right. By using this technological resource, you agree to abide by the acceptable use policy as defined below, in addition to all other published NTS policies, as well as compliance with any related state and federal laws. Acceptable use implies the appropriate use of the Moodle software applications, supporting applications, and the Internet.

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Terms of Use:

  1. All use of seminary technological resources is expected to uphold the following standards as defined by NTS and the Church of the Nazarene. Vandalism, violation of system security, plagiarism, copyright or patent infringement (through peer to peer networks or other means), obscenity, abusive language, and the viewing or obtaining pornographic or sexually explicit graphics or text will not be tolerated.
  2. Students are expected to behave courteously. This includes refraining from flooding forums with unnecessary or inappropriate content, creation or transmission of defamatory or libelous material, using services for commercial purpose or profit, and using services for political purposes.
  3. NTS is not responsible for the content of information provided through external Internet sources. A careful review of the source of information to ensure validity is the duty of the student. Professional librarians are available to assist the student in evaluating Internet information.
  4. It is expected that all Moodle users will not share or use others' passwords or login identities. Further, users will not provide access to non-NTS members without prior permission. NTS reserves the right to enforce this policy through technical means or restrictions and will discipline violators of this policy in accordance with NTS policy.